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Numerology is the art and science of interpreting how numbers influence our lives and destinies. By identifying and interpreting their hidden meaning and symbolism, one can gain insights into the past, present, and future. Today, numbers continue to hold a special place in our lives birth dates, anniversaries, and, of course, our own personal “lucky” numbers. By studying your own unique set of numbers, you have within your grasp the tools to identify and examine the inherent and powerful forces that influence your life and the lives of those around you. Through the observation and understanding of your own unique numbers, you have the precious opportunity to gain greater insight into the nature of your personality the shortcomings as well as the qualities with the objective of gaining command in all areas in your life. Numerology provides all of the tools you will need to achieve this goal.

Specially significant are our Anniversaries, Car numbers, Birthdays, phone numbers etc. The science which studies this interaction between Numbers & Life is Vedic Numerology. If wrong names are used, even divine remedial measures cannot give complete results. Numbers have numerological meanings. If you use a wrong name it may effect your professional life also. In both material & spiritual spheres, the life pattern of individuals is governed by Life-numbers. Numbers indicate a great deal about character, life’s purpose, motivations, and where talents may lie. Numerological compatibility betwixt the birth and name numbers is a must. Relationship Numerology has it that there should be numerological compatibility in Love also !


Yantras are mystical amulets or talismans which have the power to ward off evil influences of planets and other hidden energies. Yantras give protection to the native . The Yantra is made powerful by an adept well versed in Tantra, a discipline as great as Yoga, who imparts Pranic Energy to the Amulet after worshipping it with the prescribed mantras.

Philosophically, yantras are masterpieces and master plans of Manifestation. They are the symbols of the Absolute Self, when the Self is worshipped through geometrical patterns. The Divine Geometricises & here the Divine Self is centrallised through triangular, circular & rectangular patterns. Deity has been defined as the Great Geometer. When Yantras are worn, the adverse forces cannot operate within or outside the native.

In Yogic Psychology, the main enemies of man are the inner enemies – viz Lust, greed, anger, jealousy,pride, sloth & gluttony. These hostile forces cannot dominate when a good & powerful Yantra is worn. The outer negative influences are also counteracted by Yantras. Hence spiritual sadhana becomes smooth and one reaches the Goal of Life by the principle of frictionless flow.


Astro-Gemology is the synergy of two sciences – Astrology & Gemology. The basic theory of Astro-Gemology is that the nine planets are linked to the nine gems and that the stone of the planet governing fortune can generate fortune.
Natural gems built by the tectonic pressure within the earth have the ability to heal diseases.

Similarly if you wear the gem of a Functional Benefic you can increase the transmission of Cosmic colors radiated by the planets which is absorbed by our etheric body thus satiating Color hunger and eliminating disease. Cosmic Colors are absorbed by the Chakras ( dynamos of Cosmic Energy ) in our ethereal body.

Researches show that the wavelength of light emanating from the Sun is identical to the wavelength of light emanating from Ruby – Red.

Here we give the Cosmic Colour and the Gem corresponding to the Nine revolving heavens.


Cosmic Color Planet Gemstone
Red Sun Ruby
Orange Moon Pearl
Light Blue Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Ultra-Violet Rahu Hessonite
Green Mercury Emerald
Indigo Venus Diamond
Infra-red Ketu Cat’s Eye
Violet Saturn Blue Sapphire
Yellow Mars Coral


By using the amazing power for Vedic Gemology, you can overcome the barriers to success. Wearing Yellow Sapphire increases Jupiterian significations like Fortune, Wealth and good will. Using Coral, can increase Fortitude, one of the Maritan qualities. Administrative ability, another Martian quality will be enhanced by wearing Coral. Wearing Diamond can enhance the Venusian significations. By using the correct Gemstone, your fortune will be enhanced considerably.


Pearl represents the Moon. Believed to bring mental peace, economic prosperity,higher education and enhanced family status, its use during the period of the Moon brings favours. The Pearl is also used to heal eye related illnesses, any mental disorders and to assist good lactation. The ideal time to commence wearing a pearl is within an hour of sunrise on Monday. It is to be worn on the ring finger


Coral represents the planet Mars. Worn on the ring finger, it is supposed to be most favourable when mars is Prominent in one’s life. Coral is widely used to enhance professional creativity. aid in the gaining of land and property, and to ensure a long married life. Believed to heal blood related diseases. the best time to start wearing it would be a Tuesday, within an hour of sunrise.


Wearing an Emerald is said to bring prosperity in education, banking and research. Emeralds are believed to be lucky for teachers, journalists and computer professionals. Emerald represents the planet Mercury. Therefore, it’s most favourable during Mercury’s phase. Emerald is believed to heal diseases related to the nervous system. Within an hour of sunrise on a Wednesday is ideal to commence wearing one. Emerald should be worn on the small finger.


Yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter and is said to bring luck and blessings from God. It is most effective during the period of Jupiter in your life. It is believed that using this stone blesses you with offspring, promotions, administrative powers and interest in religious matters. A Thursday within an hour of sunrise, is auspicious for commencing its use. ‘Pushyarag’ is worn on the index finger.


Diamond represents the planet Venus and brings favours such as success in matters of the heart, timely marriage and enhancement of beauty. It is also believed that wearing a diamond is most favourable when used in the period of Venus and when worn on the ring finger. Within an hour of sunrise on a Friday is auspicious for commencing the use of this stone.


This stone represents Saturn and using it when this planet is ruling your life brings luck and prosperity. Mainly to do away the rheumatism and lung diseases, the ‘neela’ is also believed to help people engaged in meditation and yoga. A Saturday, within an hour of sunrise, is ideal for commencing the use of one. Ideally, the stone should be set in gold or silver and worn on the middle finger.


This stone represents ‘Rahu’ ( North Node ) and hence brings luck when used during its rule in your life. It favours people who wish to be employed overseas and is believed to heal illnesses related to the intensive,skin and veins. The most auspicious time for commencing the use of this stone is within an hour of sunrise on a Saturday. It is worn on the ring finger.


The use of this stone brings favours during the period of ‘Kethu’ ( The South Node of the Moon ). It is believed that the use of Cat’s Eye will help to avoid miscarriage, heal urinary disorders, allergies and grant educational progress. The auspicious time to commence using this stone is within an hour of sunrise on a Tuesday. Cat’s Eye must be set in a gold ring and worn on the ring finger.


Ruby represents the Sun. It is supposed to bring you economic stability, favour from authorities and benefits from governmental bodies. It has also been used to heal eye related illnesses. The Ruby is most effective in the period of the Sun. The most auspicious time to start wearing a Ruby is on a Sunday, within an hour of Sunrise. Wear it set in gold on the ring finger.


Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words – Thanoti ( to expand ) & Trayaten ( to liberate). This Science has the power to expand and liberate !

Expansion means to grow beyond one’s boundaries. Expansion upto Infinity. Thanothi means the expansion of Consciousness ad infinitum.Individual consciousness should expand to Universal Consciousness for mergence in
the Supreme Self.

Trayate means to liberate, to liberate man from bondgage, from the Seven Deadly Sins which bind him to the sublunar world. The purging of mortal dross is a must for Self-Actualisation and the ” inner enemies of man ” Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness &attachment ) are the real blocks in the way of Self Actualisation

Liberation is not possible without expansion of Consciousness. When our individual Consciousness expands to Cosmic, we feel whole & are liberated from the thraldom of matter.

The Upanishadic Philosophy was based on the Five Concentric Sheaths known as the Five Koshas. The outermost concentric Sheath, the Anna Maya Kosha, is known as the Material Sheath. It envelopes the other four sheaths –
vital, mental, intellectual & bliss.

Tantra, on the other hand, speaks about the Six Chakras, dynamoes of Cosmic Energy in the human body.

These Chakras are ( in ascending order).

The Five Great Elements ( Earth, air, water, fire & ether ) & Mind reside in the Six Chakras.

One Faced -Ekamukhi Sun  for Bowel problems, bone weaknesses etc
Two Faced -Dwimukhi Moon for left eye disease, intestines, kidneys 
Three Faced – Trimukhi Mars for blood diseases, BP,depression, complexes
Four Faced – Chaturmukhi Mercury for communication difficulties, dullness
Five Faced – Panchamukhi Jupiter for poverty, lack of harmony, mental peace
Six Faced – Shanmukhi  Venus  for sex pleasures & genital problems 
Seven Faced – Saptamukhi Saturn for diseases, death, impotence, anxiety neurosis
Eight Faced – Ashtamukhi  Rahu for long diseases, feet, skin, hydrocel